omg-storefrontOregon Medical Grade, also known as OMG, had their grand opening at the beginning of 2016 in January. They are one of two marijuana shops located in Rainier, Oregon, and are also a part of the big group of cannabis businesses in the Lower Columbia area. Initially, a medical dispensary that sold goods to OMMP (Oregon Medical Marijuana Program) card holders, they have recently acquired their OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) license to also feature the sale of retail marijuana products.

Customers can find the storefront across the street from the Fat Jack’s headshop in Rainier, who have a wonderful collection of glassware, electronics and more. OMG has an exceptionally clean and professional environment, and have been considered the go-to place for superior medicinal cannabis. To maintain a discreet look that didn’t appeal to minors, the company stylishly choose a green cross as their logo, which is the standard for medical marijuana dispensaries.

Business Owner: Merle Thomas

Address: 75940 Rockcrest Street, Rainier, Oregon 97048

Phone: (503) 395-2340


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