The Kelso Freedom Market opened in July of 2014, as soon as recreational marijuana was legalized in the State of Washington. It was the first cannabis shop in the Lower Columbia area to launch the sale of marijuana and soon paved the way for other businesses alike. They were also the only Southwest Washington store ready to open the day after receiving its license. The first purchase was for two grams of flower that totaled to $66, which included state tax.

The store’s interior is well-organized with adequate space to move around and observe all products available. They have a professional atmosphere and an educated staff that is willing to help any consumer match their needs. Perhaps the only downside of the business is when you exit in a car onto a busy Westside Highway. The Freedom Market has another location in Longview, which is located on 14th Avenue and has an attached apparel section.

Business Owner: Kathy Nelson

Address: 820A West Side Highway, Kelso, Washington 98626

Phone: (360) 636-0420


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