Westside 420 Recreational opened in September of 2014 during the midst of legalized recreational cannabis and are one of the few businesses to do so first in Longview. They are located on the west side of town by a former medical dispensary called Maranda’s and are currently the only recreational shop in that area. This makes it convenient and beneficial for individuals who live nearby and don’t have to travel into downtown where most shops are found.

The atmosphere gives a notable “welcome home” feeling while featuring a broad selection of products including glassware, electronics, and other related items. The staff is friendly and very well educated on information that they carry.

Business Owner: Raegan Royale

Address: 74382 Columbia River Highway, Rainier, Oregon 97048

Phone: (503) 556-3333

Website: www.bigbhangor.com

Product Menu: Updated Leafly Cannabis Menu