There are numerous techniques to consume marijuana these days. Even at this time in age, the world is still full of possibilities of what can be discovered. Cannabis is on a steady pace to be legalized throughout the nation and with a new generation of consumers adapting to marijuana acceptance, it’s a great time to be alive! So we took it upon ourselves to comprise a list of the top methods of consuming marijuana. There may even be a few that you never knew existed and what may become in the future.


Obviously, smoking is the most common method to get uplifted. There are a variety of devices to use such as bongs, pipes, pinch hitters, bubblers, hookahs, joints, and blunts. In a recent study conducted in 2014 by The Center for Substance Abuse Research (CeSAR), a majority of Americans favor smoking joints (89%) over using bongs/pipes/hookahs (49%) and blunts (25%).


Vaporizing is simply heating cannabis until the cannabinoids vaporize allowing you to only consume the necessary parts of the plant. The product normally is heated to a temperature between 300 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit; hot enough to cause evaporation but cool enough to avert combustion. Many studies claim that there are substantial advantages linked with vaporization which contain more efficient cannabinoid extraction and a drop in exposure to toxic elements like carbon monoxide and tar. Aside from cannabis herb, vaporization works with concentrates (dabs) just as well but with a few differences. A dab rig will be required that features a nail, usually made out of titanium, glass or ceramic. A blow torch is then used (electronic nails are becoming popular lately) to heat the nail prior to consumption with temperatures ranging from 600 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the highly concentrated form and high an individual can achieve, it can be easy to consume too much at once. This can result in a matter of things such as extreme drowsiness, sweating, nausea and an uncomfortable uplifted feeling. So exercise extreme caution and ration the size of your dabs to eliminate any chance of over doing it. This can be disregarded though if users have a very high tolerance to concentrate oils.


Edibles are food and drink items that are infused with cannabis in the form of butter, oil or various activated concentrates. In the same research done by CeSAR in 2014, the study shows that about 30% of individuals who have used cannabis consumed it in edible form. Since these products are normally very potent, the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) demand and require that they are carefully labeled so users can find an accurate dosage.


Oh, yes! Just like skin patches that contain opioids to treat moderate to severe chronic pain, there are patches that contain THCa (tetrahydrocannabinol acid) and CBD (cannabidiol) to aid in the relief of the same symptoms. They use a concentrated extract in its activated form to enter a person’s dermal layer and produce a prolonged high (usually up to 8 hours) that is similar to an edible. Transdermal pens and other topicals are also available and can be placed directly on the skin for rapid relief.


Ever heard of cannabis suppositories? If not, then don’t be surprised if you’re not the only one. Even though this type of method has been around since as early as 1550 BCE, ancient Egyptians used hemp in suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoids. They are conical or torpedo-shaped and measure around an inch in length with most being made from cannabis-infused coconut oil or cocoa butter infused with FECO Oil (Full Extract Cannabis Oil.)


Even though relatively still fresh to the cannabis world, sublingual strips have been a blessing in disguise. Direct sublingual application (DSA) involves placing decarboxylated cannabis under the tongue, allowing the cannabinoids to effectively enter the bloodstream through vessel-rich tissues along the sublingual cavity. It provides rapid effects similar to smoking but without exposing the lungs to heat, tar or other undesirable effects like dry mouth, smoke smell and throat irritation upon many. Sublingual products have been described as the preferred method of cancer patients who are taking full extract cannabis oil, frequently referred to as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).