The name “God’s Gift” was chosen for this Indica-dominant hybrid, as its parent breeds are OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple, two of the most popular pain-relief strains. It carries a 90% Indica/10% Sativa ratio mix and is beneficial for people experiencing arthritis, inflammation, chronic pains, multiple sclerosis, and/or Parkinson’s disease. God’s Gift is also known to have a wonderful flavor that merges well with the potent effects of the plant’s properties.

Strain Category: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Producer: Altered State

Potency Analysis: THC 1.7%, CBD 0.4%, CBDA 0.3%, THCA 89.2%, Total THC 79.93%, Total CBD 0.66%, Total Cannabinoids 80.59%

Type: Concentrate / Wax

Appearance: The wax looked similar to peanut butter but the consistency was that of normal wax. I had no troubles with handling the extract, as it was exceptionally easy to work with. I could even place it back in the plastic paper, press on it, and make it all form together again.

Smell: The wax had a lingering sweet scent, and it never lost its aroma. There were times where I could sense a grape-like flavor, but it was very faint, almost unnoticeable.

Taste: The taste, for the most part, was pretty smooth and there was no detection of any butane left in the extraction. I recognized an undertone of something sweet, assuming that it was grape since the smell had some same combination. Whatever the circumstance, this product didn’t go wrong with the taste factor.

Effects: One of the reasons for picking up this wax was because of it being an Indica. I benefit greatly with this type as it aids me with battling Restless Leg Syndrome. The body high-like effects were moderate at first, but eventually, I was impressed on how well I was generally feeling. Within minutes of testing the concentrate, I became comfortable and started to feel very calm. It wasn’t a couch lock feeling to any extent, but I felt as if I could sit anywhere and feel immediate bliss. God’s Gift also makes a great appetite stimulant for those who have a rough time trying to ingest anything. My appetite tends to be different every day and on occasion, I can make it to the evening hours without eating. This is one of those strains where no matter the situation; you will get the munchies and enjoy it!

Overall Conclusion: Until recently, I was hesitant to pick up products distributed by Altered State. They used to be my go-to brand when local recreational shops first opened, but after a while their quality of packaging became poor and some products were below mediocre. The paper they used at the time was thin wax paper, and it easily tore when trying to apply a dab. Fortunately, it was replaced with a plastic type of paper, and I have noticed far better results with this change. Altered State’s wax of God’s Gift was nothing short of surprising, and I’m thankful I gave my selection some thought and went with something that I haven’t had in a while. Overall, I would definitely say this was a delightful pickup from Main St. Marijuana. Altered State has certainly stepped up its game since the last time I tried them out, so future purchases are a possibility.


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