The 12th Dab name is a play on the Seattle Seahawks NFL Football team and was created specifically for their Super Bowl 48 win. The strain has been reported to be an evenly balanced hybrid (50% sativa/50% indica) with the average levels of THC measuring up to 26%. Many consumers noticed significant relief for conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, chronic stress, and nausea. The parentage of the strain is currently unknown due to breeder secrecy.

Strain Category: Hybrid

Producer: Smokey Point Productions

Potency Analysis: THC 75.6%, CBD 0.9%, Total 86.7%

Type: Concentrate / Sugar Wax

Appearance: It had a sugary crumble texture and was very bright to the eye. The orange tint was possibly due to the extraction of propane, which usually pulls out a brighter color along with more terpenes. You can’t go wrong with the flow of terpenes through your taste buds and feel satisfied at the end of your day.

Smell: The crumble appeared to have a faint aroma, reminding me of some “kushy” type flower. It wasn’t very pungent to the senses but don’t let that make you decide otherwise.

Taste: The taste was surprisingly extra “terpy” but weirdly enough, the absence of a consistent aroma made it easier for my taste buds to soak up the flavor and leave me satisfied with the “kushy” sweetness on my tongue.

Effects: As soon as I exhaled, I felt the pressure coming into and around the eyes while my lungs continued to expand. I was definitely calm and relaxed but very uplifted at the same time, making me motivated to be creative with positive thoughts. Of course, the period of the munchies came and left me with half an empty fridge!

Overall Conclusion: Through our brief and successful experiences with SPP’s products, I have noticed that Uplifted Vibes has never been disappointed with the items we have tested and reviewed. With this particular concentrate, the taste was “terpy” while the extract didn’t carry much of a smell. Nonetheless, this product makes it good for your day if you’re tending to be creative and uplifted. I highly advise you have plans prepared for food; otherwise, your creativity is going to go into thinking about baking a cake among other delicious cuisines.


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