The Harambe strain was created by the crossbreeding of three different indica and sativa-dominant strains, Gorilla Glue, Critical Skunk, and Black Fire. It was made as an honor to the gorilla that was killed by zookeepers at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden in 2016. While still relatively new, the strain has been becoming quite popular and sought after many cannabis consumers. Most users experience a great sense of relief from insomnia and chronic pains, while others have reported a notable change in mood and help with depression.

Strain Category: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Producer: Solstice Collection

Potency Analysis: THC 77.5, CBD 0%, Total 89%

Type: Concentrate / Sugar Wax

Appearance: The look was one of the contributing factors into selecting this concentrate. I enjoy how the sugar wax is colorful and the product consistency is impeccable. You can easily ration your oil portion because of the texture and it’s never a mess of a problem.

Smell: I could suspect a definite earthy tone with pine being a part of the pungent mix. It was never overwhelming of a smell and always aided in the decision of taking another dab.

Taste: The flavor was nothing out of the ordinary; however, it never gave me a bad taste at any point. Solstice has been doing some amazing work with the most the current batch of their products at Main St. Marijuana in Longview.

Effects: I took a bigger dab than expected on my first attempt, which hit me good for a few minutes. When I finally came back to “reality”, I felt some comforting pressure in and around my eyes, along with a pleasant cerebral high. The effects took a little over an hour to bring me back to a normal state.

Overall Conclusion: I feel that this product has more potential than what it already has. Even though I am not certain on the terpene status for this sugar wax, I am surprised there wasn’t more of taste from how it looks. The answer could be terpenes but that is nothing for me to decide on. None of this means negativity though and I praise Solstice on the production of their products. The consistencies of their concentrates are superb and they haven’t disappointed once. Harambe is an awesome up and coming strain that needs to gain more exposure, not just because of its name, but also because of its qualities.


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