It was one year ago today that a group of friends wanted to do something productive in the Lower Columbia cannabis community. Through trial and error, we eventually developed a direction that was suitable and simple to carry out. Initially, our focus was to review concentrates because there was very little information on these products. It was not until later we featured material on flower, edibles, and cannabis related news in the area. After a short period, we started a growing collection of high-quality pictures of goods from all the neighboring shops. Instagram became our biggest focal point along with Facebook that served as our “go-to” spots on social media. Our official website was also a key part of our increasing popularity.

The Uplifted Vibes crew ultimately became a two-person project after the first few months of existence. Sometimes things do not always work out as planned but we handled it responsibly and continued to produce content regularly until the latter part of the summer. As live videos started to become popular, we began a series of “on the spot” clips that were interesting enough to share. Even though our audience was relatively small, the amount of feedback we received was impressive. Unfortunately, a couple of viewers were upset with our video content and legal matter arose with one of us. Without getting into too much detail, the way we conducted things had to change a bit although we managed to follow through without having much of a setback. Not only did we become smarter from the ordeal but we also became more determined to keep moving, even if dilemmas surfaced.

With all legal troubles behind us for the most part, we are devoted to producing added material and building our path for success. We have a few projects in the works to publish in the near future that should bring in more of spectators. Please keep checking our new website for updated information as we have put a lot of work into making it better than before. Thanks to everyone that has shown support along the way and for keeping Uplifted Vibes motivated to strengthening our abilities.


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