Northern Lights is a nearly pure indica that is infamous for being one of the most admired strains of all time. An offspring of the Afghani and Thai landrace breeds, Northern Lights originated from Holland in the 1980s and eventually popularized years after around the Seattle area in Washington State. It’s also helped with the rise of hybrids like Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk. Most consumers have described the strain as a two hit and quit type and praised the medical qualities it offers such as aiding with the lack of appetite, insomnia, anxiety and pain.

Strain Category: Indica

Producer: Altered State

Potency Analysis: THCA 0.1%, CBDA 0.2%, CBD 1.8%, THC 92.5%, Total THC 92.59%, Total CBD 1.98%, Total Cannabinoids 94.57%

Type: Concentrate / Clear

Appearance: You know it’s clear when you can see right through it. It’s almost like looking through a pair of reading glasses but with a honey-like texture and a shade of amber tint.

Smell: Seeing as this product included no terpenes, the concentrate was completely odorless.

Taste: As with the smell, there wasn’t much of a flavor. I did, however, get a hint of hash and pine that resembles a classic Northern Lights flower.

Effects: It gave me a really unique euphoria with a relaxed sensation that relieved some pain in my muscles and nerves. I was also left in a creative mood aside from having heavy medicated eyes and dry cotton mouth.

Overall Conclusion: This is a great product to select if you are looking for a clear concentrate that keeps a decent consistency at room temperature and still lives up to the clear moniker without the terpenes. The oil still provided a smooth exhale that wasn’t overwhelming and successfully aided me with any stress that I felt. I do find myself purchasing more clear oils from Altered State in the future as I don’t judge a product on a number of terpenes it has or doesn’t have.


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