Platinum Jack comes from the Jack Herer family and was specifically bred to overpower the effects of its parent strain and give the consumer a better experience. It’s a Sativa dominant hybrid (75% Sativa/25% Indica) that surely packs a punch with its long lasting effects and has a higher than average THC ratio. People who suffer from ADD/ADHD, stress, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and depression will benefit the most from this amazing breed.

Strain Category: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Producer: Kush Valley

Potency Analysis: THCA 73.78%, THC 2.56, CBD 8.51%, CBN 0.01%, Total 67.27%

Terpene Analysis: Total Terpenes 13.054%, A-Pinene 0.649%, B-Pinene 0.546%, Myrcene 1.495%, Limonene 0.654%, Terpinolene 0.442%, Linalool 0.056%, Caryophyllene 6.412%, Humulene 2.772%

Type: Concentrate / Sugar Wax

Appearance: It has a very soft consistency with a glossy look. Has the appearance of a unique brown ball that resembles a brown sugar clump.

Smell: The aroma to this strain is very earthy with a sour berry smell. It also has an amazing piney and minor sour hint to top it off.

Taste: With a surprisingly 13% terpene profile, it doesn’t have much flavor as I expected. It did, however, still leave a great earthy, Kush taste in my mouth. I wouldn’t suggest this wax if you’re picky about your flavor.

Effects: Are you in the mood to get the job done? I would say this is a great strain to medicate with if you have a list of things to do. It relieved stress tremendously and gave me a burst of energy where I wanted to go on an adventure or go hiking. I guess you can say it made me a little more sociable too, even though I already tend to be.

Overall Conclusion: For a Sativa Hybrid, I found this was an amazing strain all around. It gave me an uplifted feeling, which I’m always a fan of, with a pleasant euphoria that I could feel throughout my body. The rush of energy that it provided came in handy when I needed to get stuff done. The only down fall that I could find from this particular concentrate, as I stated before, was the flavor it could have potentially had. I’m a big fan of the taste, especially to the terpene-rich oils, but I wouldn’t say this is a product not to try. I would recommend this to definite daytime users who want to remain creative and energetic through the day.


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