Hades Haze is a rather fresh hybrid addition to the Haze family and its availability is hard to come by. The Indica dominant strain is known to be potently euphoric and heavy sedating with its high THC levels. Some consumers who have sought this type of Indica report successful treatments in fighting depression, mood swings, fatigue, and insomnia. Hades Haze can be overwhelming to some and is recommended for evening recreational use.

Strain Category: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Producer: Millennium Extracts

Potency Analysis: THC 80.7%, CBD 0.21%, Total 85.66%

Type: Concentrate / Sugar Wax

Appearance: This type of sugar wax had a light orange to yellowish tint with a bit of a sparkle. It’s notable appearance led me to give this strain a try.

Smell: The concentrate had a distinctive Diesel-like aroma that was mixed with a hint of dank sweet sour and spice. It had me reminisce of similar strains that I’ve had in the past.

Taste: The taste came at me almost immediately with a light sweet citrus flavor. It reminded me a lot of various Purple Haze strains I’ve had in the past but not exactly the same.

Effects: This strain had me feel couch locked almost immediately. It gave me an enjoyable creative feeling but at the same time very relaxed as well. A little more on the potent side, I would say.

Overall Conclusion: This is an excellent strain for consumers looking for a perfect euphoria while being creative at the same time. It had a prompt onset of heavy sedation and even though the feeling was quite pleasurable, I feel this wouldn’t be the same for others who don’t have a high tolerance such as myself. I wouldn’t recommend using this potent wax for reasons of simply having to function on a daily basis. The evening is the best time to consume and can transition your mind into a calm state when going to sleep, especially if insomnia is a factor. 


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