Grapefruit is recognized to be one of the more potent Sativas and a classic among cannabis consumers. It was developed by crossing the hybrid Cinderella 99 and a fast-flowering Sativa to generate its grapefruit essence. It carries a Sativa/Indica ratio of 70:30 and combines a great mix of favorable qualities from each breed. This strain is highly sought for relieving anxiety and depression, as well as aiding in pain and mood-balancing. THC levels have been reported to near the 20% level and delivering a pleasurable euphoria.

Strain Category: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Producer: Millennium Extracts

Potency Analysis: THC 84.48%, CBD 0.15%, Total 87.24%

Type: Concentrate / Shatter

Appearance: This batch of Grapefruit appeared to be clean and well extracted. There were no noticeable flaws in the texture and I found the color to be impressive.

Smell: It had a citrus-like aroma with a hint of an earthy overtone but lacked terpenes which usually give the product a little-added punch in terms of sweetness. Even though this can be seen as a negative to some, this did not impact my judgment of the oil.

Taste: I could definitely taste a sweet citrus touch without it being overwhelming. The dab was very smooth and carried an earthy mix that was certainly pungent in flavor. It was also lung expanding which didn’t leave me in a negative state.

Effects: My vision of colors managed to get brighter within minutes and I also had a rush of energy that set-off the feeling of being uplifted. Even though I had an amazing body high from this Sativa, it didn’t slow me down for what I needed to get done.

Overall Conclusion: I will conclude by saying that Grapefruit is a potent Sativa when compared to other related strains and it certainly passed my expectations. Millennium Extracts have proved to produce some great extractions and are easily one of our favorite manufacturers. Even if terpenes weren’t added to this particular batch, the qualities that emerged left a smile on my face. If you like something on the sweet side with an earthy punch of energetic effects, I would highly recommend you try picking this up for yourself. 


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