Narnia is a Sativa strain that is crossed between Jack Herer and Trainwreck, and was produced by Soulshine Cannabis while being developed by Advanced Growing Technologies in Eugene, Oregon. It’s been described as a strain with an extremely rapid onset while giving the consumer a creative enhancement for the imagination.

Strain Category: Sativa

Producer: Millennium Marijuana

Potency Analysis: THC 82.2%, CBG 3.37%, CBD 0.92%, Terpenes 2.45%, Total 87.2%

Type: Concentrate / Shatter

Appearance: It was a bright yellow color which made it look great. The oil’s clarity was clear and looked clean. This concentrate was properly extracted!

Smell: The scent was a mix of pine and earthiness. It reminded me of the smell of hash. The aroma gave a hint of the taste that was about to come.

Taste: Terps, terps, terps! Narnia had a super sweet taste that sat in my mouth and had me salivating. It reminded me of the strain Jack Herer, which is another product produced by Millennium Marijuana.

Effects: This strain causes a happy and euphoric feeling throughout the body. It gave me a spike of creativity that had my thoughts flowing but at the same time kept me calm and energetic.

Overall Conclusion: Millennium Marijuana has done it once again with this batch of Narnia. It gave me a relaxing high without producing the drowsy sensation and was great for an energy boost when I needed one. As odd as it sounds since it being a Sativa, Narnia stood out as a great pain reliever and would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to abstain from prescription medication. We have tried this product many times this year and the quality has never gone south. Because of this, we are naming it one of the top 10 strains of 2016.


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