This is genuine cannabis, so don’t let the name fool you in any way. Green Crack has divided into two genetic families, with the most popular Sativa line deriving from Skunk #1. The Indica variety has been noted to originate from an Afghani strain called Green Cush. Very few breeds differ with Green Crack’s sharp vitality as it triggers an animating mental buzz that keeps you going for the duration of the day. With a tart, fruity fragrant of mango, Green Crack is the ideal daytime medicine for patients treating weakness, anxiety and most of all, depression.

Strain Category: Sativa

Producer: ORGROW

Potency Analysis: Total 20.4%, THC & THCA 19.6, Activated THC & THCA 17.2%, CBD .29%

Type: Flower

Appearance: This appears to be a dense grown strain with a lighter green color. It’s also covered in orange hairs.

Smell: The scent reminded me somewhat of the Cinex strain, which is also a Sativa. It also has a very sweet pungent aroma, with a hint of the earthiness.

Taste: Hands down taste of fruitiness. It’s not only sweet but carries the tanginess of each exhale. Every hit of this flower is amazing!

Effects: This Sativa is great for that uplifted feeling. Green Crack gave me plenty of energy and helped motivate myself to carry out errands that needed to get done. It provided very good relief for stressful situations and kept my mind at a creative level while keeping focused.

Overall Conclusion: I would recommend this Sativa to anyone with a busy schedule and/or if you’re stressed out. This would be a great breed for cannabis consumers looking for that pungent taste that just sits in your mouth. Green Crack aids to relax your nerves and to keep the motivation you need to get through your day. Leave it up to an Indica strain for bedtime as this kind will not be beneficial for sleep. Don’t let the Tetrahyrdocannibinol (THC) content make you think different otherwise with an activated percentage of 17.2%.


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