Blue City Diesel is a cross between Blueberry (Indica) and NYC Diesel (Sativa). It’s slightly more on the Indica side with an enjoyable body buzz. Due to its Blueberry genetics, this strain carries a light berry aroma that is noble and attracting. The popular hybrid comes with minor fatigue or increased hunger, and is ideal for daytime use. It’s a suitable strain for medical marijuana patients all around the globe.

Strain Category: Hybrid (Indica Dominant) 

Producer: Unknown

Potency Analysis: THC 50.33%, CBD 0.13%

Type: Concentrate / Bubble Hash

Appearance: Bubble Hash is a specific kind of hash made from using cannabis flower, water, ice and multiple microns of screens. It removes the plant material leaving you with different grades of the product. This specific kind had a look of a dark brown BHO crumble with a light tint of some chunks.

Smell: It had the obvious hashish smell with the scent of a diesel undertone to it. The smell wasn’t too overwhelming and left me satisfied.

Taste: This bubble hash had a blueberry undertone taste to it. I could sense the fruitiness but only to a certain degree. It almost lived up to my expectations on what I thought it would be.

Effects: I can certainly say it had an uplifting high. It was in a relaxing high with the stress cause of 0. This would be a good strain for those who have appetite difficulties due to anxiety or stressful situations. 

Overall Conclusion: This Blue City Diesel Hashish is the bomb! It’s not good for dabbing but it can be easily sprinkled on top of bowls. You can definitely taste the hashish flavor that more consumers are usually after. I would rate this particular bubble hash 6.5 out of 10! We shopped around and found this product at OMG! (Oregon Medical Grade) in Rainier, Oregon.


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