The Blue Hawaiian strain is known for being a significant looker of most types. It carries a light green to orange hue which is secured in orange and red hairs, then covered with sparkly trichomes throughout. Mixed from Blueberry and Hawaiian Sativa, this strain is fruity and smooth. For growing, the blooms show up at around ten weeks and are depicted as giving an adjusted high that has a balance of its unwinding Indica and inspiring Sativa results.

Strain Category: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Producer: Green Ghost / WOW Industries

Potency Analysis: THC 4.38%, THCA 85.29%, CBD .01%, Terpenes 1.424%, Total 79.18%

Type: Concentrate / Sugar Crumble

Appearance: It had a very sugary appearance with a hint of sparkle. The color resembled the look of peanut butter.

Smell: The aroma of this concentrate was phenomenal It had an outstanding sweet tropical smell with a trace of an organic potent flower.  

Taste: I thought it had a somewhat hazy/flower taste to it. After a couple dabs of this concentrate, I was left with an awesome blueberry taste in my mouth. It was mouth-watering for sure! 

Effects: This strain is known for its uplifting effects of helping depression, stress, and appetite. I, for sure, had an uplifted state of mind from the Sativa side of the strain. But at the same time, I felt relaxed from the Indica side. I found that the Blue Hawaiian gave me positive thoughts throughout the high. The “munchies” level was at an almost 10 on this one. 

Overall Conclusion: All in all, I would recommend this strain of concentrate if you like that fruity flavor with a very smooth smoke. Don’t get me wrong, it can hit you if you take a glob but it’s worth it! As I said before, the level of munchies I had was unheard of. Having a poor appetite? Go for the Blue Hawaiian BHO or flower. I picked up this up at Main St. Marijuana located in Longview, Washington on Washington Way.


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