This strain is named after the techniques for mental treatment utilized by the CIA project called, MK Ultra. A cross between a mixture of OG Kush (Sativa) and G-13 (Indica), MK Ultra stands divided because of its intense cerebral powers. It won first place Indica, by TH Seeds, at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 and second place in 2004. The strain is recognized for its “sleep inducing” effects that are quick acting and for being one of the strongest Indica’s on the globe. MK Ultra is great for pain management and insomnia.

Strain Category: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Producer: Grow State One / Triple T Farms

Potency Analysis: THC 0.42%, TCHA 71.7%, CBD 0%, Total 63.3%

Type: Concentrate / Shatter

Appearance: It appeared to have a golden color to it with some hues of orange and red. I was charmed by its look and was eye catching.

Smell: There wasn’t much smell at all. It was pretty bland but I did notice a hint of sweetness. Not too much, but just enough to where you can identify.

Taste: Unlike the smell, the taste was more noticeable to distinguish. It was a little earthy mixed with something sweet. I was expecting better results so I’ll say the flavor is mediocre at best.

Effects: This strain is known for its intense effects and healing properties. It’s effective at relieving convulsions, anxiety, nausea and inflammation. It can also be used as an antibiotic, anti-depressant, anti-psychotic, anti-oxidant and as a sedative. I could instantly feel the indica high and it made me drowsy. Relaxation was amazing! This should definitely be used consumed in the evening time, primarily bed time.

Overall Conclusion: I was expecting greater results from this form of concentrate but it did the job and in the end, I was pleased. The smell was a downer and the taste was flat. However the effects were great enough to overlook both of those. The only shop we noticed that carried this product is 420 Holiday, located in Longview. I would recommend this type of concentrate to any of those who have trouble sleeping or need to relax.


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