Papaya is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that is recognized for having the qualities of a traditional Sativa. The Indica value of this strain offers a mental calmness but can also have the consumer productive and energetic. It’s supposedly bred with a Mango strain and crossed with Citral #13. The end result is a type that smells uncannily like to its namesake.

Strain Category: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Producer: Millennium Extracts

Potency Analysis: THC 74.5%, Terpenes 4.93%, THC Total 77.2%

Type: Concentrate / Wax

Appearance: Once I opened the package it appeared to be very vibrant. It gave the appearance of a terpene sugar wax look and the consistency was like liquid. This could have been caused by heat expression.

Smell: This particular strain had a very “kushy” smell, with a sweet tropical aroma of either peaches or mangos. I found it to be very pleasant.

Taste: I found it to have an exceptional fruity flavor with a slight hint of spice to it. The taste was also pretty sweet and fits the name well.

Effects: I had the typical dry mouth, relaxed eyes and my mind was also very concentrated as well. This was also brought on by the euphoric feeling throughout my body. There wasn’t a moment where I felt overwhelmed by the high and that is always a plus with me.

Overall Conclusion: I would recommend this strain to any concentrate lover that enjoys the “kush” attributes of oil. There was a heavy taste of terpenes with a spicy OG savor. Nothing bad at all but it could have been lowered just a notch. It was pretty decent for a daily pain reliever and seemed to relax my stressful thoughts, adding a tingly euphoric feel through the body. We picked this up at Main St. Marijuana, located on Washington Way in Longview, Washington.


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