Blueberry Kush is a powerful Indica strain that originated from Oregon. It’s crossed with Blueberry & OG Kush and is recognized for the amazing medical effects it can own. This Indica is wonderful for evening hours and before bed.

Strain Category: Indica

Producer/Grower: Blue Sky Growers

Potency Analysis: THC 72%, CBD 0.5%, Total 83.9%

Type: Concentrate / Wax

Appearance: The wax appears fairly dark with a glossy coat to it. It wasn’t much of an eye-catcher since I typically enjoy lighter colored concentrates. The gram looked great for what it was, but in reality, I was brought on to this product because of its name.

Smell: Unlike its flower form, I didn’t notice much of a smell except for a fair amount of earthy aroma. The scent wasn’t awful by any means but I expected a little more when it came to this strain.

Taste: The taste wasn’t too bad at all. I did experience some harsh hits at times but I’m assuming it was because of the high-temperature dabs I regularly take. There was no sense of a berry flavor but instead earthier than anything.

Effects: Besides the smell and taste, which is usually what most concentrate consumers adore, I found the effects to be what this strain is all about. I’m an Indica lover, mostly because of the medical qualities it can have. At the time of consuming, I was experiencing a sudden headache and after a few dabs, I noticed it faded within minutes.

Overall Conclusion: If you decide to ultimately pick up this strain, please don’t base it on smell, taste, and appearance. The effects are what make this strain so beneficial. Whether it is headaches, body aches, stress or other related problems, a few dabs of some Blueberry Kush will surely make for a great night. This wax is extremely user-friendly and is another reason I would recommend this to fellow concentrate consumers.


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