Cantaloupe Kush is a mix between OG #18 and Cantaloupe Haze. The powerful effects of the OG #18 and flavors of the Cantaloupe Kush make this hybrid a popular strain among cannabis consumers. It’s known as a Sativa dominant; however, the sense of Indica can also be attributed. The most common effects are happiness with euphoria. Medically, this strain is great for treating depression, stress, and pain.

Strain Category: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Producer/Grower: Sticky Budz

Potency Analysis: THC 64.2%, CBD 0.58%, Total 75.5%

Type: Concentrate / Crumble

Appearance: When you look at the product, the crumble looks double of what it should be. It turns out that it’s just a fluffy texture, making it a little difficult to know how much to take for consumption.

Smell: I found it to have a pretty accurate scent of tropical, sweet citrus. When you open the dab container, you can most certainly expect this great aroma.

Taste: Surprisingly, I didn’t notice much taste when dabbing with The Mini Nail. It could have been because of a high temperature, but I even experimented with a lower temp and still got the same results.

Effects: You can definitely feel the Sativa! But at the same time, you can feel a relaxing sensation that isn’t too overwhelming where you become couch locked. My stress level became suddenly numb and I enjoyed the “medical” effects of what this strain is capable of.

Overall Conclusion: I was very pleased with the outcome of this concentrate/crumble. The appearance is an eye opener for sure! It appears more than what it is but don’t let it fool you for consuming more than you should. If you have a high tolerance, like me, then you should have no worry about over-consumption. The effects are calming and direct its way around any overwhelming sense. I would recommend this to any concentrate shopper. Cantaloupe Kush looks incredible and tastes just like it looks!


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