Purple Sour Diesel is a quick-acting hybrid that is a cross between Sour Diesel (Sativa) and Purple Kush (Indica). It’s known for its fruity aroma, sour/grape flavor, and medical attributes. This strain can leave you in a state of euphoria and bliss, leaving stressful conditions at a minimal. The most common negative side effect is dry mouth and dry eyes.

Strain Category: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Producer/Grower: Green Ghost/WOW Industries

Potency Analysis: THC 4.41%, THCA 76.3%, CBD 0.53%, Terpenes 1.468%, Total: 71.33%

Type: Concentrate / Wax

Appearance: It was a bright, colorful texture that gave the appearance of live resin. The consistency was superb and very user-friendly.

Smell: Unlike most concentrates, excluding The Clear, I noticed a semi-heavy scent of sour diesel. From the moment I opened the container, I could smell the powerful aroma this strain is known for. It definitely got me in the right mood to have a smoke session.

Taste: As for the smell, I noticed a great taste too. It didn’t harsh out my throat or leave a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. You can surely notice a hint of the diesel and kush.

Effects: I was left in a state of total relaxation. It seemed anything that caused or gave me stress went away immediately after taking just one dab. It wasn’t overwhelming and I felt happy and pleased.

Overall Conclusion: I would definitely recommend this strain to any Sativa or Indica lover. Even though it’s a Sativa dominant, you get the best of both worlds. The appearance will leave you in amazement and want to come back for more. I tried this out on The Mini Nail at around 709° and didn’t even need a “carb cap” to clear the rest. Main St. Marijuana had a steady supply of these in stock. If this strain appeals to you, stop in and ask about their expanding stock of concentrates. Tell them Uplifted Vibes sent you!


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