Strain Category: Hybrid (Indica Dominant)

Producer: Honu, Inc.

Potency Analysis: THC 2.17%, CBD 0.32%, THCA 87.9%

Type: Concentrate / Live Resin

I’ve tried most forms of concentrates over the past couple years, but the latest craze seems to be a style called “live resin.” For those who aren’t familiar with the term, here is a brief description. Instead of using dry plant material for BHO extractions, the live resin process uses fresh frozen plants, which are harvested hours earlier. When the extract is complete, the product is based on a more live plant than dried flowers.

 I went to check out what the Longview Freedom Market had in stock and was greeted with a few oils that seemed tempting. When I finally saw they had some live resin, I took a chance to experience it for myself and crew. To be honest, it was an easy choice because of the sugary wax look and bright color that fascinated me.

 The live resin didn’t have much smell (to me) but I did notice a slight lemon scent. Absolutely no trace of butane in the aroma! I couldn’t get a clear taste of what the flavor was but when it comes to taste, I admit I’m awful. It wasn’t too harsh on the throat and seemed smooth at times. The effects were astonishing. After one dab it felt like I took two or three. After about the third try, I called it good and proceeded to sit down and feel the “uplifted vibes.” The high came on hard and fast so I recommend sizing your dab just right so you don’t get all choked up.

 Overall, I must say this is some pretty amazing stuff! Definitely in my top five of oil concentrates. I felt very relaxed and my mood was content. Not much couch-lock and hunger was the on the normal rate. Honu, Inc. did a wonderful job and I’m looking forward to more great work in the future. If you see this product available on the shelves, be sure to snatch a gram or two. You WON’T be disappointed. Hell, the 87.9% THCA is proof alone!


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