Strain Category: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Producer: Honu, Inc.

Potency Analysis: THC 63.61%, CBD 0.13%, THCA 0%

Type: Concentrate / Pull & Snap

I get amused with how many names there are for strains out there. Girl Scout Cookies, Bluniverse, Moondance, The Doctor, Abuse OG!? The latest one that I had yet to try was Shangri-La. Yes, I’ve had the flower kind but never in concentrate form. And since the majority of our reviews are based on THC oils, I said what the hell and tried it out. The 63.61% THC didn’t really matter much to me, so I guess you can say I judged it for the name.

Snap & Pull concentrates, in my opinion, are one of the better forms of oil. It has a certain texture that is neither too runny (wax), nor too solid (shatter), and stretches when pulled before breaking off with a snapping sound. If you’re in a warm environment, however, the oil will become a little more difficult to handle with. I had this trouble, but it was nothing to base this review from. In fact, it wasn’t too troubling at all. All that mattered to me was if the oil could stick right to the dabber, and sure enough, it did.

It wasn’t very opaque but showed a very nice color and glow when held to the light. This particular oil didn’t have much smell to it but I have heard people say it has a cross between an earthy and pungent scent. If you are consistent with reading my reviews, you would know that smell is a dilemma to me. The smoke was smooth with not much trace of a butane odor. The effects were surprisingly uplifting with a strong head high. A few good-sized dabs were enough to stay in a happy and euphoric state. The taste was minimal but very faintly noticed an apple tang.

Honu, Inc. has a pretty good collection of some fine concentrates. It may be one of the more distributors we try but the overall experience has been immense. As long as they continue the trend, there will be much more Honu reviews. The only negative thing I can really say is that it will leave you with a pretty bad dry mouth so make sure to have bottled water handy. If you’re into Sativas, definitely check out this Shangri-La Snap & Pull!


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