Strain Category: Hybrid (Sativa Dominant)

Producer: Honu, Inc.

Potency Analysis: THC 57.87%, CBD 0.14%, THCA 0%

Type: Concentrate / Shatter

Most people who see dark colored shatter tend to think “darker” oils are pure crap. But if you have done your research, that is only known as a myth. Yes, I’ve had a few dark oils being on the low-end of the stack, but I’ve also had some on the high-end. So when I picked up this from the Freedom Market and saw the darkness, I was hesitant to try but decided to go with my impulses.

The shatter was on the darker side with no sign of opaqueness. I’m assuming some solids and polar compounds got caught up in the extraction to make it appear the way it does. Either way, the color wasn’t too critical and appeared better than others I’ve seen. The texture wasn’t sticky to the touch but was stretchy when handling with a dabber. I was expecting a tropical or citrus scent but surprisingly smelled nothing. The smoke was a little harsh at times with minimal butane aroma. As for effects, I was surprised I didn’t have to dab more to achieve a good buzz. Within a couple dabs, I eventually felt pleasant.

Being as dark as it is, I was surprised over the effects than appeal, taste, and smell. My mood became increasingly happier and felt more awake than anything. In fact, I went out and threw a football around with a buddy so it’s definitely not couch-lock material. The only negatives I found out of this oil are the taste and appearance. Not one of Honu, Inc. best concentrates but it surely was enjoyable for being what it was.


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