Harambe (Sugar Wax)

The Harambe strain was created by the crossbreeding of three different indica and sativa-dominant strains, Gorilla Glue, Critical Skunk, and Black Fire. It was made as an honor to the gorilla that was killed by zookeepers at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden in 2016. While still relatively new, the strain has been becoming quite … Continue reading Harambe (Sugar Wax)


Uplifted Vibes Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary

It was one year ago today that a group of friends wanted to do something productive in the Lower Columbia cannabis community. Through trial and error, we eventually developed a direction that was suitable and simple to carry out. Initially, our focus was to review concentrates because there was very little information on these products. … Continue reading Uplifted Vibes Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary